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I-SPARX's knowledge mobilization strategy

Updated: Feb 11, 2022

In June 2021, I-SPARX Youth Leaders and the York University team gathered for the projects first virtual summit to discuss and share ideas about knowledge mobilization (KM) for I-SPARX. We were hoping to travel to Nunavut as we've done in previous years to host a youth leader summit in-person, but due to ongoing COVID-19 restrictions, we moved our gathering online!

During the summit, youth leaders had the chance to re-connect with the team, and share invaluable input that will guide the next steps of the I-SPARX project...and of course, eat snacks and play virtual games.

Knowledge mobilization (KM) was the summit’s focus, which included a workshop on KM presented by the York team. Youth leaders spoke about what knowledge they feel is important to share with their communities about I-SPARX and ideas for how to share this information.

Below are the resources on KM presented during the summit:

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